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  • Conversion Tracking
  • Referer Confidentiality
  • Traffic Routing By Geo
  • A/B Testing
  • Rule Concatenation
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Powerful Traffic Routing

Addue can route your web traffic to different destinations depending on its country, US state, or Canadian province. You can also route based on their referring webpages, languages, and user agent browser data.

Traffic Splitting and A/B Testing

With Addue it's easy to split traffic between any number of pages you want, in whatever ratio you want. Combine this with Addue's conversion tracking capability and you have powerful A/B optimization.

Conversion Tracking

Set up links to cookie your site visitors on the way to your site and identify any conversions they make on your site later. Use this to figure out what advertising channels are performing well and which ones aren't.

Referer Confidentiality

Professional marketers and affiliates often work hard to identify valuable media to promote on. Referer Confidentiality effectively hides your referer data from destination websites to protect your confidential intellectual property.

Rule Concatenation

All of Addue's functionality is accessed by setting up simple rules to control traffic flow. These rules can be easily combined. Eg. you could set up conversion tracking followed by traffic routing by country followed by A/B optimization.

Full Reporting

With Addue you always have access to a stream of data about all the clicks passing through your Addue links, and full downloadable conversion reports.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Standard PlanOne Size Fits All

$49base charge per month
  • All features included
  • First 50,000 clicks/mo included
  • Additional clicks just 0.1c ($0.001) / click
  • 14 day Free trial
  • No credit card needed to sign up
We also offer Enterprise plans. If you expect to drive over 5,000,000 clicks per month, contact us to discuss further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's it for?
Addue is for internet marketers (ad agencies, ecommerce operators, affiliate marketers, and others) who want to take their internet marketing to the next level. Our clients use Addue to get the most out of their internet traffic, find out what's working, and invest in that to maximize their ROI.
How does it work?
After you sign up for Addue, you'll be able to enter "rules" through the Addue interface. Rules are an innovative system that allow you to access all of Addue's functionality, as well as mix and match it. For example, you could set up a rule to route traffic based on the country your visitors are coming from, another rule to cloak its source, another to split traffic between multiple landing pages, and another to set up conversion tracking. You can combine and concatenate these rules in any way you wish, and there are no limits to the amount of rules you can set up. This makes for total control of your traffic in a very flexible and powerful way.
What functions are available through Addue?
At the present time, Addue allows you to (1) route traffic based on location (country, US state/Canadian province), user agent field, referer, or browser language settings, (2) split traffic between any number of landing pages in any ratio (weighted probability splits), (3) set up accurate conversion tracking to determine which sources are driving your conversions and how many, and (4) cloak your traffic so that you can protect its referer information if necessary. All of these functions may be combined by concatenating the rules you set up to define them.
How does reporting work?
Addue records every click you send through it using your Addue rules, as well as all conversions recorded after setting up conversion tracking. Reports on conversions may be downloaded easily at any time.
How does the free trial work?
No credit card is needed to sign up for Addue. After sign up you can take a look round and explore all of Addue's features, including setting up traffic rules, but any links you create through Addue will not actually work until a valid debit/credit card is entered into your account. After entering your card information, a 14 day free trial applies during which you may cancel at anytime without charge. After the trial period is over, standard Addue pricing applies.
How does billing work?
After your free trial is over, you'll be charged Addue's standard monthly fee per month plus an additional charge to cover the clicks not included for free with the monthly fee (currently 50,000 clicks/month). Currently the charge per click is 0.1 cents, i.e. $1 every 1,000 clicks. The monthly fee and per click fee may appear separately on your card statement, so you may get two separate charges per month.

ps. In most cases, one visitor to your Addue clicks counts as one click. The exception is if you choose to concatenate Addue rules (see the article on this in our knowledgebase), in which case one visitor may incur more than one click, depending on how many rules you require Addue to process for that visitor.
Where can I learn more?
It's easy to use Addue. We provide a comprehensive set of clear articles explaining how to use all of its functionality. Questions about setting up a traffic rule or accessing a report? It's all in there. Take a look
Addue's functionality is accessed with a powerful and innovative rule-based system. You can easily set up simple traffic rules to perform any of Addue's functions on your incoming traffic, and you can concatenate and combine any number of rules together to achieve pretty much any desired outcome.
It's easy to use Addue. We provide a comprehensive set of clear articles explaining how to use all of its functionality. Questions about setting up a traffic rule or accessing a report? It's all in there. Take a look
Our fast, friendly and knowledgeable support is provided by the same developers who created Addue and continue to improve it every day. Feel free to drop us a line anytime with any questions or comments - we're always glad to help.

What our Clients say:

We are using Addue for all our internet marketing projects going forward. If you're an internet marketer, its power and functionality just can't be matched.
Alex BugejaTraffikoo
We sell in multiple countries and find Addue indispensable for correctly routing visitors, ad channel conversion tracking, and ongoing A/B Optimization.
Ada LincolnLotus Candles
We depend on Addue for its great capabilities and the ease with which we can configure then. Rules-based traffic routing really is the way to go for internet marketers.
Jeff BarnesReferDigital
Addue is really useful to us - we use it for conversion tracking, split testing, traffic routing by country... and it's all in one affordable SaaS solution rather than having many different ones to pay for, manage, and hook up to talk to eachother.

Addue - Boost Your Sales With Total Control Of Your Traffic

The Essential Tool For Professional Internet Marketers And Affiliates.
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