Traffic Splitting: Split Traffic amongst multiple landing pages

Prerequisites: Getting Started: Rules And Rulesets

In Getting Started: Rules And Rulesets we went over the basics of traffic splitting rules (Addue code SP). We'll look at them in more detail in this tutorial. 

Insert a new rule, choosing the SP - Split Routing Rule option. Set it up as below:

Use ruleset ID "tutorial4", destination URL, and set the probability to 50 as in the form. 

After you enter that rule, enter a second one with the same ruleset ID but destination URL Set the probability to 50 for this one also.

You'll now have a ruleset similar to the one you set up in the Getting started tutorial, except that the ruleset ID is tutorial4:

As described in the Getting Started tutorial this ruleset will route traffic to the two destination URLs specified with 50-50 probability. The probabilities in that column should add up to 100. The link to invoke this rule would be the one in the ruleset ID page:

However you could certainly have more than 2 rules. You could have for example four rules, four landing pages, and each of them a probability set to 25. In this case, Addue would split your traffic equally between all four pages (25% chance of each page for each click).

There is no need for the probabilities to all be equal. If for any reason you wanted one page to come up more frequently than the others, you could give it a higher probability. For example, setting up two pages with probabilities 75 and 25 respectively will result in the first page being served three times more frequently than the second page. Setting up three pages with probabilities 50-40-10 will result in the first being served half the time, the second 40% of the time, and the third 10% of the time.

Addue is basically running a weighted probability coin flip on each click that comes in, according to the SP rules you've set. Over a large number of clicks, the ratio in which the landing pages are served will equal the ratio of the probabilities you enter.

Strictly speaking you don't need any DR default routing rule in SP split routing rule rulesets. If you've ensured that all probabilities for all rules add up to 100, Addue will never be unsure as to where to route your traffic. If you don't enter probabilities totalling 100, however, you should have a DR rule present. If for example you have a ruleset with a single SP rule with 50% probability and a default routing rule, Addue will send half the traffic to the destination URL specified in the SP rule, and the other half to the destination URL specified in the DR rule. The probability ascribed by Addue to the default rule is 100 - (the total of all the SP rules present), which is 100 - 50 = 50% in this example. So the DR rule will be invoked half the time.

SP rules are most often used in conjunction with conversion tracking rules to set up A/B Optimizations. We'll cover conversion tracking, as well as how to combine rulesets with eachother, in a later tutorial.

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